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Ohr Of The Shore

Shaatnez Check

Shaatnez Check

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Got a new suit? It's time to check it for Shaatnez!

The Shatnez center is also located in Deal, NJ. The team of shatnez checkers mastered a sixty-hour course, which instructs them on all the intricacies of fabrics, clarifying, and locating any questionable Shatnez. Someone recently called to drop of their items to be checked and when asked which specific items they are bringing, the Shatnez checker was able to clarify without any doubt that the items were fine and could be worn without checking. The center is not run like a business but rather like a community service to enable all to have easy access and clear knowledge to keep this sacred misvah. Ohr Halacha, with your support, is planning to soon host another training session to better service our ever-growing Community.

Our Shaatnez Check service ensures your suit respects the guidelines of halacha and meets the highest standards. Our experts conduct a meticulous check to make sure your new suit complies with all necessary requirements.

Coming soon to this service is the ability to book pick up and drop-off online as well as a searchable database of "safe" already checked items. There is already a option to call if you need immediate help or would like to schedule a check for the time being (732-359-3080)

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