Collection: The Levy Family Sofer Center

The Ohr of The Shore Sofer Center is located in Deal, NJ, providing high quality tefillin, mezuzot, and sifre torah.

Our Sofer Center was started a few years ago to help those in the Deal community have access to top quality, kosher Tefillin and mezuzot at affordable, and subsidized rates. 

Ohr Halacha has a trained team of sofrim; talented young Rabbis who are available to service the Community in all matters of Tefillin, Mezuzot and Sifrei Torah.

The Bar Misvah boys who have come and watched their Tefillin being put together have been inspired and left with an indelible impression that will accompany them for a lifetime. The Kollel is in the process of training more Sofrim to continue this vital work.

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