Shehehianu FAQ

Shehehianu FAQ

What fruits require a shehehianu?

One can only recite shehehianu on produce which is seasonal and therefore not available year-round. Nowadays, many fruits which are seasonal are still readily available to be purchased year-round, as they are imported from countries with warm climates, and would not require a shehehianu. If one wants to recite a shehehianu on a new fruit, they should get a more exotic one like starfruit, passionfruit, etc.

What if I do not enjoy the taste?

If one knows that he does not enjoy the taste of a specific fruit and does not feel any happiness in eating the new fruit, a shehehianu should not be recited.

Should I recite ha’ets or shehehianu first?

It is preferable, to first recite ha’ets, followed by a shehehianu, and then eat from the fruit. Some have the custom to first recite the shehehianu followed by the ha’ets.

What if I forgot to recite shehehianu?

If one is still in middle of eating, he can still recite the beracha. However, if one finished, the beracha can no longer be recited.

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